About me


I am Marisa Bascope. Born in Venezuela, but have lived most of my life in Louisiana, California, and Texas.  Attorney by profession, photographer by vocation.  I want to become a master of identifying the story behind the moments, not always easy but always possible. Then, I will somehow control time since I would be providing the feeling, colors, and lights of the past in an everlasting memory.  Life is about learning, and I love this journey.

Wisa was the nickname my grandmother gave me and for some reason it is the name that touches the artistic side of my soul. I have a website as Marisa Bascope where I display my day-to-day photos, each of them a moment in my life.  However, in this website I am displaying the artist behind the camera, because I am not just a mechanic following instructions, a process that is needed to have the necessary foundation to know what to do, but I am the brain, soul, and imagination behind each photo. 

Each photo requires work, love, commitment, vision, and pride. 

And these are for you.









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